Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Commute

One of the things that makes me feel really grown up is the fact I drive to work. It sounds bizarre that the day-to-day bits of my job like treating patients, talking to families, organising tests don't make me feel like an adult, but the process of getting out of bed and into my car does.

That doesn't mean I like commuting. In fact I hate it. My car is a running joke. Not only do expensive bits of it break all the time but even the basics don't work. My driver side door doesn't shut properly so I get rained on. This means that when it freezes outside my ever-damp car seat also freezes leading to a soggy-bottom as it defrosts on my way to work. 

The only good bit about commuting is singing along to my tunes. I have an embarrassing love of country music. I've just discovered the show Nashville so I now spend my mornings wailing along to the soundtrack. In a strange way I love the weird looks I get from other drivers when I'm clearly singing-a-long at the top of my voice, but I'm not sure it would go down as well if I was walking. 

Except for the singing I wish I could walk to work. When I started FY2 I was walking distance from the hospital and loved waking up with a 10 min walk to work. 

So here comes the difficult decision...

I might (maybe, hopefully, possibly), get to live walking distance from my new job in September. This is a little dependent on where Hubby gets a job. Not even I am evil enough to make him commute for hours. Obviously if I can walk to work I won't keep my car, but what do I do now? It needs the door fixed, and the windscreen changed and some expensive bits underneath done. It's also going to need new tyres eventually. Do I string it out and wait until Sept and hope I can get rid of it, or do I invest a bit now in the hope it will last much longer (although I could never recoup the investment selling it)? 

I just don't know what to do. I imagine that whatever I do it will just blow up again soon.

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