Monday, 18 March 2013

Starting Afresh

For many years I loved blogging. I wrote almost daily about my life at medical school ( and could not see a time where it wouldn't be a natural part of my day. A way of getting things off my chest and reaching out to people I would not have known otherwise. I started a new blog after graduating ( but I was never quite got the same happiness from it. I even tried to keeps blog of recipes for a while (

I'm not sure why I stopped. After I graduated I just found it harder. I was worried about people finding out who I was, thinking I was silly or somehow accidentally offending a colleague or patient.

I've missed it.

Now that I feel a bit more settled after a few months of complete life changing madness I think it's the right time to get back to blogging. I'm pretty confident that I can blog within boundaries while still being true to myself. I'm also not worried if people find out who I am, I don't think I'd write something that I wouldn't say out loud.

I can't wait to start typing (...okay, perhaps I mean ranting), about life, work and whatever is on my mind again.


  1. Yay your back! I missed reading about what its like in medicine

  2. I was just remembering your blog the other day! :) so glad you've decided to return :D