Sunday, 24 March 2013

On call dramas

Today is my last 24 hour on call for psychiatry. It could even be my last 24hr on call until I'm a consultant. Some people love these on calls but I don't. I'd much rather work my socks of for 12-13 hours and be able to sleep at night knowing I'm not getting called out, rather than having a calmer on call but potentially getting up at 2am.

I'm also not a big fan of how much paperwork is involved in psych. It can take hours to assess, fill out the paperwork for and admit just 1 patient. Give me a clerking and drug chart any day. I also get lonely in psych. When on call I'm the only doctor. Yes I could call the consultant but it's not the same as bumping into a reg and being able to chat about patients.

I shouldn't moan because I have had some on calls where I have hardly been called at all. Unfortunately for me tonight isn't going to be one of those. I have a patient in seclusion which means they need to be reviewed by a doctor every 4 hours. I live 30 mins from the hospital which means that I have an hour round trip and then 3 hrs rest. Technically as I need an 11hr break I should get time off tomorrow but I know that I have lots to do on the ward so that probably won't happen.

On the plus side my lovely husband is off work so he is going to taxi me back and forth tonight. Hurrah! Must remember to not be crabby to him... At least not tonight anyway.

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